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Welcome to Residence Recommends – your go-to insider guide for interesting places, things to do, and fascinating hotpots we know you’ll just love. We’ll regularly update this page, so check back the next time you’re planning your West of Ireland trip for more recommendations.  

Here at Residence Hotel, we’re the ideal choice for a Galway hotel stay – especially if you’re looking for somewhere you can drop your bags to go and explore. Our central location in the heart of the city’s Latin Quarter means that you can easily reach a whole host of nearby landmarks, attractions, and activities. 

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is where you’ll find Residence Hotel. This historic part of Galway is where the past meets the present. Look closely or take a guided tour around this part of the city, and your eyes will be open to the medieval magic that ties so much of Galway together. In fact, Residence Hotel’s bar, 1520, itself has an old medieval wall running through it that dates back to when the 14 Tribes led the town through prosperous times. Nowadays, the Latin Quarter is a place where almost every day is a carnival of fun, food, music, and high spirits.  


The Spanish Arch

The Spanish Arch is one of Galway’s most popular tourist attractions. Dating back almost 500 years, it was originally a guarded watchpoint for soldiers. In many ways, and for a long time, this was the gateway for merchants to pass through when delivering goods to Galway – such as oil, wine, and other exotic goods. Today, people often gather here to take photos, learn about the landmark’s history in depth, and take a stroll down the picturesque Long Walk that hugs the powerful and picturesque River Corrib. 

St.Patrick's Day Festival

The St. Patrick’s Day Festival is always a treat in Galway – even when it’s raining! With lots to do over a couple of days, there are few better times to visit the City of Tribes if you’re looking for an Irish experience you won’t forget. The parade is always full of colour, artistry, and pomp, and it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon. Afterwards, get your face painted and visit a few of Galway’s bars to sample the famous Irish stouts and Irish whiskeys – or take time out to stroll towards Salthill for a barefoot beach walk. 


Pálás Cinema

Pálás Cinema is one of Galway’s most popular cinemas, often showing a mix of current blockbusters and old classics. This arthouse cinema was designed by Tom de Paor, and it is a statement building right beside the Spanish Arch. Here, you can relax as you are entertained by a star-studded list of great movies – and you can also make the most of their bar and terrace. Located just a two-minute stroll from Residence Hotel, it offers a great way to unwind after a long day of exploring Galway city’s many, many gems.  


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