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Welcome to Residence Recommends – your go-to insider guide for interesting places, things to do, and fascinating hotspots in Galway City we know you’ll just love. We’ll regularly update this page, so check back the next time you’re planning your West of Ireland trip for more recommendations.  

Here at Residence Hotel, we’re the ideal choice for a Galway hotel stay – especially if you’re looking for somewhere you can drop your bags to go and explore. Our central location in the heart of the city’s Latin Quarter means that you can easily reach a whole host of nearby landmarks, attractions, and activities. 

Macnas Parade

There’s nothing quite like Halloween in Galway – and the Macnas Parade is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the entire holiday. This year, it’s taking place on October 29th, and it will surely deliver an incredible spectacle more than worthy of this Irish celebration. The folks behind this group are some of the most creative, expressive, and talented artists and performers around – and their parade is simply out of this world. You owe it to yourself to experience this colourful, vibrant, and expressive street theatre where ancient traditions collide with the streets of today’s Galway.  


Walk the Prom

One of the many great things about a Galway stay at Residence Hotel is how close you’ll be to so many landmarks and activities. All you have to do is exit the main door and you’ll be just steps away from so much. A quick cycle or taxi to Salthill will deliver you straight to the famous Salthill Promenade, an enjoyable walk that offers uninterrupted views of gorgeous Galway Bay. Or why not walk from Residence through the Claddagh and all the way out to Salthill? Either way, you’re in for a fun excursion. Do make sure you bring your rain jacket, though, just to be safe!

Drink in the Autumn Vibes

Galway is a city made for seasonal strolling, and Autumn is perhaps the best time of year to take in all that we have to offer. With so many medieval streets, quaint lanes, and picturesque pathways to trek along, all you have to do is grab a coffee to go from 1520 and set out on an adventure. Along the way, you’ll encounter lots of historical sites, plenty of beautiful boutiques, and a great deal more besides. Be warned, though, you’ll be tempted to cut your walk short by stopping in for a creamy pint at one of the city’s many heaving pubs!

Visit Merlin Woods

Venture further afield and make Merlin Woods your destination – the ideal location for a leisurely stroll in Galway. Situated in the east of the city, you might need to hail a taxi to reach it, but it’ll be worth the journey. A peaceful place to take in a walk, it boasts castle ruins and plenty of different routes for a stroll.

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